Robert Pallister

Senior Digital Designer

StairMaster 10G

Launch Video

The goal of the StairMaster 10G sizzle video is to reinforced the product tagline “The hardest workout in the gym just got harder”. This was done through the music choice, editing, and color pallet. The shots featuring the console (0:10), the step depth (1:05), and the machine rotating (1:35) were all created in 3D. Shot on the RED camera and edited in Premiere and After Effects.

Robert Pallister's

Portfolio Reel

Star Trac 8 Series

Features Video

The Star Trac 8 Series is one of the best selling cardio lines in the industry. This is illustrated in the video by showing all the advanced features of the machines in an elegant way. All done as 3D renders.


Contributions: Design Direction, 3D Animation, Editor, Compositor and Color Grading