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Luxury Hotel Gym Video (2017) StairMaster HIIT Solutions Sizzle Video (2017) Star Trac Versa Strider Video (2017) StairMaster HIITMill Video (2016)
Nautilus XplodZone Video (2016) OpenHub Connect Video (2016) Core Health & Fitness Branding Video (2015) Kyle and Kate Wedding Video (2016)



Tomb Raider Animated Wallpaper (2017) Breath of the Wild Animated Wallpaper (2017) 007 Specter Animated Poster (2015) Fantastic 4 Immersion Tunnel (2015)
Wreck it Ralph Motion Poster (2103) Lucy Motion Poster (2015) Child 44 Motion Poster (2015) Into The Storm 5 screen (2014)



Web Design / Web Apps

OpenHub Microsite A website I made at Core Health & Fitness for the new OpenHub cardio console for Star Trac and StairMaster equipment. Please note that the contact form at the bottom has been disabled. Click here to view the website
Cinetopia Service Review was a web app that ran on a local server in a local restaurant. Once the customer was finished with their meal the server would bring an iPad to the table with their check and the customer could fill out a servery which would be saved and sent to the manager and the customer was offered a coupon for the next visit. Because this ran in a local environment there is no preview of this system.
PSU-TV website while attending Portland State University I was the head editor and web designer. As the head web designer my top priority was to built a website for PSU-TV and this website was our only means of broadcasting our stories out to the student body. Please note: This website requires Adobe Flash and many links are no longer working as they were hosted by PSU. Click here to view the website


My name is Robert Pallister, I am a digital media artist in beautiful Vancouver Washington, right outside of Portland Oregon. I am a full time graphic designer for Core Health and Fitness a company that owns and operates Star Trac, StairMaster, Nautilus, and Schwinn. I spend most my time there working on videos promoting our equipment along with putting together 3D renderings, websites, promotional flyers, and photos for each machine. I was previously a full time animator, graphic designer, and webmaster for Cinetopia, a local high end movie theater company. When I am not at work I enjoy creating short films, taking photographs, working on animations, and spending time with my wonderful wife.

Preceding Cinetopia I was the senior editor and the senior web designer for PSU-TV, Portland State University’s campus wide television station. My PSU-TV website was nominated by PSU’s Student Activities and Leadership Programs (SALP) for best student group website of the 2009-2010 school year.

Before attending Portland State University I went through Mt. Hood Community College’s Integrated Media: Video program where I spent two years learning all about the film production business. Upon completing the Integrated Media: Video program I was level one certified in Final Cut Pro.

I have 15+ years experience with Adobe Creative Suite software (including Flash, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, etc), Final Cut Pro, web scripting (html, php, actionscript, xml), 3D animation and Rendering (Blender, Hash Animation Master), and computer building and repair.

Click to view my resumè (.pdf in a new window)