Video Production / Motion Graphics

StairMaster 10G Sizzle Video

Brand: Stairmaster

Product: 10G Stair Climber

Contributions: Editing, 3D Animator, Compositing and Color Grading

This sizzle video reinforced the product tagline “The hardest workout in the gym just got harder” through the use of music choice, editing, and color pallet. The shots featuring the console (0:10), the step depth (1:05), and the machine rotating (1:35) were all created in 3D. Shot on the RED camera and edited in Premiere and After Effects

StairMaster HIIT Solutions

Brand: StairMaster

Product: HIIT Solutions

Contributions: Camera Operator (Canon C100 MK2), Audio Engineer, Editor, Compositor and Color Grading

This video demonstrates how the target audience (trainers and gym owners) can use the product to create a unique, all-in-one HIIT program experience for their clients. It was shot on a Canon C100 MK2 and Canon 5D MK2 DSLR with audio captured on a Zoom H4n. It was edited in Adobe Premiere and composited in Adobe After Effects.

Glute Drive Sizzle Video

Brand: Nautilus

Product: Glute Drive

Contributions: Camera Operator (Canon C100 MK2), 3D animator, 2D Animator, Editor, Compositor and Color Grading

The Nautilus Glute drive is one of the hottest social trends in the fitness industry, which I visually reinforced using Instagram animations. The video was shot in front of a green screen and composited and chroma keyed in Adobe After Effects. After the shoot, the finish of the product’s footpad changed from chrome metal to black rubber. To match the video to the final product, I replaced the machine’s footpad with a rendered version from the Glute Drive’s 3D model.

Sonja Running Testimonial

Brand: Star Trac

Product: FreeRunner

Contributions: 3D Animator, Editor, Compositor and Color Grading

Sonja Friend-Uhl, a world-record-holding runner, was shot on greenscreen talking about and using the revolutionary treadmill known for its running experience. I rendered out the backgrounds, matching the lighting and camera angles to place her convincingly in the environment.  3D assets were created with Blender using the Cycles raytracing render engine. Composting was done in After Effects.

4 Series Sizzle Video

Brand: Star Trac

Product: 4 Series Cardio

Contributions: 3D Animator, Editor, Compositor and Color Grading

This promotional video for the light commercial cardio line is comprised of only rendered content. Utilizing Blender’s new EEVEE real-time render engine, all stages of the video were completed in a tight 3-day turnaround.

OpenHub Cardio Console

Brand: Star Trac

Product: OpenHub Cardio Console

Contributions: 3D Animator, 3D Rendering, Editor, Compositor and Color Grading

This video highlights visual updates to the product while simplifying product messaging. The 3D assets of the console were done in Blender Cycles raytracing render engine. The console options after the one-minute mark were done in Blender’s EEVEE real-time render engine. Chroma keying was done in Adobe After Effects.